Saturday, April 24, 2010

Obama Renounces Arizona Law Against Immigrants

Jan Brewer Arizona Governor

This is a major issue brewing in America, we should all pay attention to this. Arizona and its legislators on Friday April 24, 2010 signed the nation's toughest immigration law, making illegal immigration a state crime and requiring police to question people about their immigration status if officers suspect they are in the U.S. illegally. According to Fox News Gov Jan Brewer, a Republican, said the state action was forced by Washington's failure to secure the U.S. borders and solve the nation's thorny illegal immigration problem. "Decades of inaction and misguided policy have created a dangerous and unacceptable situation," she said. The president said it was the state that was "misguided" and that the Arizona measure would "undermine basic notions of fairness that we cherish as Americans." Obama said he instructed the Justice Department to "examine the civil rights and other implications" of the new law. Justice officials said they were considering their options, and it wasn't clear Friday what they might do. Regardless, the law seemed certain to be challenged in court by opponents. Among the constitutional questions raised by the law, according to current and former government officials and legal experts, are provisions that may violate protections against unreasonable searches, for example, by asking police to stop people solely to prove their immigration status. What are your thoughts as a immigrant or as an American. This is a double edged issue for America in itself does not belong to anyone but a group. The main reason the USA is the nation among nations is the blend of many different cultures and minds. With this said illegal immigration is a problem that affects every American, because whether you believe it or not there is a limited amount of resources for the have-nots in this country. And illegal immigration affects our country's youth, education, businesses, and lifestyle in general. America is a wonderful but imperfect country as no country truly is, however its laws are lenient enough compared to others to fashion some form of agreement to resolve this issue. And no this should be just a legislation argument, if American citizens feel strong enough about this issue and are willing to let their voices be heard then some sort of platform should be provided for them to be heard by everyone including the President and members of the legislation after all we do claim to represent a democracy. Sometimes our elected officials do not truly represent us after we chose them after elections, after they have our votes their agendas becomes a priority to them. This is a major issue for it will trickle down and create a whole disparity between Americans and it should have been handled by now. It's a shame how we worry about international problems with some many domestic unsolved issues recurring everyday. We as a people have to make an effort to use these rights our past beings died to achieve. We truly have to do better. Share your opinion on this matter because it is vastly important do not wait until it's too late.

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